MAS004: Further Foundation Mathematics, Semester 2, 2019–2020

Lecturer: Dr Al Williamson

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Here are the sheets from the classes. Solutions will go online at the end of the week.

Here, as well, are some extra exercises: fill your boots with these if you want more problems to practice on.

Here, lastly, are the video playlists. You might find them useful while revising, if you want to watch old videos:

How it works


There are two of these a week:

Group AGroup B
  • Mondays, 12pm (Hicks LT7);
  • Fridays, 2pm (Hicks LT7).
  • Mondays, 1pm (Hicks LT10);
  • Fridays, 9am (Hicks LTA).

If you miss a class, then look at the sheet (online). They should be online a good amount of time before each class.

If you miss more than one class in a couple of weeks, then you will have a pretty urgent need to catch up. Do come to a surgery hour (see below) as soon as you can, or email me if that will cause a problem.

Surgery hours

If you have a problem, you can see me in my office (G39b, Hicks Building). I have an open door policy; you can email me to ask for a meeting if you like.

Online tests

These constitute 20% of the total course mark; there are some instructions on how to do them.


This will be at the end of the year, and will constitute the other 80% of the total course mark.

Here are two past papers:

They have roughly the same style as this year's exam will have, but a very different selection of questions. Hence if you revise only by making sure you can do these two papers, you will almost certainly fail this summer. The solutions are in roughly the style I would like to see written up in a real exam (except, if you have better handwriting, so much the better).

Suggested reading

There are no required books for this module.

Contact Details

Dr Al Williamson
G39b Hicks Building

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