MAS114: Numbers and Groups, Semester 1, 2016–2017

Lecturer: Dr James Cranch

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Here's the official information on this module.

Online revision tool

Here is Number Theory as a Service, an online revision tool for the number theory sections of the course.


Here are the lecture notes from the course, in one big file. They will grow as the course progresses.

Here are the slides as used in the lectures. Please don't print these: they have zillions of pages! There is more material in the full notes above, anyway: these might just be nice to click through on screen.

Lecture slides: 0102030405060708091011

Also, here are the class-sheets and comments and solutions on the problems in those, the homework and solutions, and the write-ups for the challenge problems (where somebody has solved them!):

Class sheets: 0102030405060708091011
Comments/solutions: 0102030405060708091011
Homework: 010203040506070809
Solutions: 010203040506070809
Challenge problem writeups: 0102030405070809

How it works


There are two of these a week:

If you miss a lecture, then read the notes online. They should be online a good amount of time before each lecture. If there are any gaps which I've left to fill in during the lecture, see for yourself if you can do them. If you still don't understand, come to a surgery hour!

Surgery hours

If you have a problem, you can see me in my office (G39c, Hicks Building) on Fridays at 2pm–3pm.

If those times are no good for you, then you can:

  1. catch me after lectures, or
  2. ask me by email, or
  3. ask me for an alternative time.

Problem classes

At problem classes you can ask for help with things you're stuck on. You will also be given exercises to work on in small groups.


You work on these at home, and hand them at the beginning of each problems class (starting in week 2). At the next problems class, the staff will give you it back, with helpful comments.

One exercise each week is the challenge problem. I'll showcase one solution each week, if a nice one makes it to me!

Online tests

These constitute 20% of the total course mark; there are some instructions on how to do them.


This will be at the end of the year, and will constitute the other 80% of the total course mark.

Suggested reading

There are no required books for this module. Some recommended books are listed on the official information page.

Contact Details

Dr James Cranch
G39c Hicks Building

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