MAS114 (Numbers and Groups), Semester 1

Welcome to MAS114! Here’s some official information.

If you have questions, please email me.


80% of this module mark will be assessed by a single exam at the end of the year (May or June). 20% will be the online tests (see below for details).

You need to pass both to pass the module!

Online tests

These can be found at this link.

They’re released weekly on Tuesday at 11am, due in the following Monday at 11am.

Lecture materials so far

The online video lectures (on Kaltura).

Class sheets so far

These sheets are what you will work on in the tutorial classes (on Thursdays or Fridays, depending which group you’re in).

To access the tutorial classes, use Blackboard.

Homework exercises, and solutions so far

These files contain the homeworks: hand them in (on Blackboard) before your tutorial each week (starting in week 2). These are an important part of learning how to write mathematics! Photos/scans of handwritten solutions are best: please only type it up if there is no alternative.

Exercises and solutions.

You’re welcome to do the challenge problem each week, but are not expected to! Here’s the homework:

Other things