MAS114: Online Tests

To do the online test, follow the instructions at this page.

You will need to use your usual login, but get the system to send you a password.

Each week's test will be available immediately after the Tuesday lecture, at 2pm. The deadline is at 2am on Monday morning (that is, very late Sunday night).

Please try it as soon as you can. If you experience technical difficulties, please email me early on so that we will have a chance to fix it in time: I definitely won't be able to help you one hour before the deadline.

Some of the test will involve typing in answers, and some is multiple choice. Some of the multiple choice questions will have more than one possible right answer ("Multiple Response"), so to get full marks you must select precisely all the correct answers. You can tell by whether it gives you little circles to select, or tick boxes to tick/untick. Don't forget the "none of the above" possibility!

You can mark your answers immediately, and if you get something wrong you can have a second attempt; you will only get half marks for your second answer.

There will be about ten questions a week. They do not all have to be done at once. In particular, you can look at them, go away, have a think, and come back and do them later.

It's ok to discuss the test questions with other people, but you should make sure that when you put your final answers in you are doing it by yourself. You may use your lecture notes as much as you want. Note that the tests are randomised so that everyone will get a slightly different test. Each test may include anything from the course so far, together with general mathematical skills.

If you don't understand something on the test either before or after getting it marked, you can come to my surgery hours and ask. So it's a good idea to try the test before then!