Warning: at present, because of Covid-19, I am working from home. Thus don’t phone me in my office, and don’t assume that post sent to my office will reach me promptly.

My default email address for business related to Sheffield is

My office is G39c, in the Hicks Building. My postal address at work is

James Cranch
School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Sheffield
G39c, The Hicks Building
Hounsfield Road
S3 7RH

My office telephone number is 0114 2223788 (from within the United Kingdom).

If you wish to use public-key encryption to email me, then you can use my public key, which is available from keyservers: it has ID 2048R/E7608541 and fingerprint 0EC2 8E47 62C1 E245 6660 CFBA D0F3 D067 E760 8541.